Three degrees, Melbourne, Victoria

Number 1 QV Square
Corner Lonsdale and Swanston Streets
Victoria, 3000

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  • 06 Nov 2009
    #8066 - Popo the Monkey (43 reviews)
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    Popo the Monkey reckons:

    Another parma for dinner, 3 nights in a row now! To summarise - excellent amount of salad, average sized servings of chips and average sized portion of meat. Good price! The meat, at first glance, was not that impressive. It lacked the size of the meat of the previous two nights' parmas, however, it looked like it was covered in a generous amount of melted cheese and topping. But the meat was tender to the bite, skin was not especially crispy (not more or less than the average). The topping is where this parma differentiates itself. Cheese serving was generous, and tasted of good quality too! The sauce was okay, nothing super special to write home about, likewise the slice of ham. Chips, or rather, fries were served. Again, I had to brush the parma aside or else risk killing the fries. -1 here if you don't like fries, but I really didn't mind enough to dock a point here. The serving size was adequate here, but I couldn't help but wish that they served chips rather than fries. It was seasoned okay, nothing outside the ordinary. Fries were not too bad, I have to admit. Salad was served on the main dish, not in a separate bowl. As a result, a few of my chips got soggy, but not too many. It was an acceptable tradeoff for dressing on the salad. Salad serving size was big, but not huge. I'm pretty sure there was half a tomato there if you're a fan of that! Salad was very very good, almost nearly the best parma salad I've had. Overall, quite a competent parma, its rating pulled up by the price. I'm going to give it a +1 because of the extended parma purchasing hours (from noon to 9pm most weekdays), and its (relatively) good price of $12.50. To date, second in the bang-for-your-buck parma stakes behind the Cooper's. It scored pretty well in all categories apart from the size of the meat, which is a pretty good result in my opinion. Definately worth considering when you're wanting a parma at odd hour, or if you find yourself hungry in the QV building in the middle of Melbourne.

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