Woodford Village Hotel, Woodford, Queensland

81 Archer St.
Queensland, 4514

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  • 13 Feb 2012
    #14210 - Ricky T (16 reviews)
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    Ricky T reckons:

    I thought I might struggle with this one because it was my second Parma for the day (refer to my Beach House Bar & Grill review). But when it arrived man was I surprised. What a beautifully presented Parma! The chicken was awesome, great size. The chips were on the side! That was refreshing! And this parma actually had shredded ham 'neath the neatly browned cheese topping. I'd never seen ham served on a parma like that before. The only let down was the tomato sauce, after the awesome sauce (yes, awesome sauce) at Beach House Bar & Grill, the sauce on this parma was a real let down. It just had no flavour whatsoever. It was just...there. To make this the best Parma in SE QLD all they would need to do is improve their brand of sauce, seriously. Also the salad was a bit ho-hum, but when you put all the effort into the actual parma that's no big deal. At least they used baby tomatoes instead of whole quartered tomotoes. Be warned though, they don't do Parma's every day. I went there for lunch of Thursday - no parma's. Dinner on Friday night - parma's. So if you're driving all the way out to Woodford for the parma, best to ring ahead first and make sure it's on the menu. Great pub though, live music, great atmosphere, nice and relaxed. Check it out.

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