Chicken ParmigianO!

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Date: 2008-08-25

One of the team from was in New Zealand recently and thought they would hunt out NZ's best parma. While they can do some mighty fush 'n' chups, it quickly became apparent that the same couldn't be said for the parma.

The first find was a "Chicken Parmigiano" in Queenstown. That's parmigiano, not parmigiana! Intriuged as to what the difference was, the parmigiano was promptly ordered. Unfortunately, only a camera phone was available to catch this "Kodak moment", although more unfortunate is what arrived on the table.

So just what is a chicken parmigiano? The chicken parmigiano is an uncrumbed chicken breast topped with cheese and napoli sauce all laid upon a bed of spaghetti. That's right spaghetti! While it sounds strange it tasted even stranger.

A word of advice for anyone making the trek over to NZ; stick to the fush 'n' chups!


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