Favourite Topping

The parma has come along way from just your standard cheese and napoli sauce topping. Nowadays getting a slice of ham atop of a parma is the norm. But it hasn't stopped there, with many venues now having "parmas of the world" offering a selection of different toppings to choose from.

So what flavour would you choose?

Hawaiian 18
Aussie 5
Mexican 32
Italian 6
Greek 5
Outback (gravy, cheese, bacon, egg) 15
Traditional (with ham) 101
Traditional (no ham) 22
  • Hawaiian: You can't beat those juicy pineapple chunks
  • Traditional (with ham): Something that hasn't been done often enough: Bacon instead of Ham. You won't regret it!
  • Traditional (with ham): replacing the ham with bacon is always great.
  • Hawaiian: Love a slice of pineapple
  • Traditional (with ham): ANY deviation from the MAGNIFICENT True Path of the Parma is HERESY !! Proprietors manipulating the divine nature of the Parma should have their venues RAZED TO THE GROUND!! Amen, Praise be to the Chicken.
  • Traditional (with ham): Nothing beats the traditional
  • Mexican: Why do I have to choose just one? I've been a huge fan of the mexican style for many years since they were served at the Frankston Grand Hotel as the Grand Chicken Parma. Alas that concept is no longer there but the memories...... I do like the sounds of the outback, especially the gravy. And for me if it's got no ham it might as well be a schnitzel with dead'orse.
  • Mexican: Mexi at the Lev is pretty F'n good
  • Mexican: Tried a hot salami parma at the Sherlock Holmes last Friday - very good.
  • Outback (gravy, cheese, bacon, egg): It's was a tough call between the Outback from Town Hall Hotel or the Aussie from Keepers Arms... but the Outback has prevailed. As for pineapple on a parma - no thanks, I don't like mixing my fruits with meat.
  • Traditional (no ham): The original and the best, with no pig.
  • Traditional (with ham): Love to have options at times, but just like the pizza, it is hard to go past the classic.
  • Mexican: With beans!
  • Hawaiian: hawaiian closely followed by the aussie and than italian... the outback sounds pretty good though! must try and find that one...
  • Mexican: Hot Salami in place of ham is a nice touch, although I haben't tried all of the ones mentioned in the list.
  • Mexican: The Altona Sports Club do the best mex I've had.
  • Mexican: I've had a mexican parma with jalapeno's, salami, guacamole and sour cream. It was delicious!
  • Traditional (with ham): I love Mexican and Hawaiian parmas too, but you just can't go past the original. Best served with a big f**k off pint.
  • Traditional (with ham): Nothing will beat the traditional parma with ham for me!!!!
  • Aussie: Nothing better than an aussie parma
  • Hawaiian: i love that pineapple.
  • Traditional (with ham): less risk. classic, simple, the way it should be.. you cant call it a parma (parmigiana) if its anything other than traditional!
  • Hawaiian: Number 1 eat down at Phillip Island!
  • Traditional (with ham): Its about time you guys got out of the city and came to a country pub where they REALLY know how to serve up a Parma. The Commercial Hotel in Alexandra has 22 different types of Parma's, they are all freerange chicken breast crumbed on site with their own special ingredients. They are SO good there the Today Show recently did a segement on their 22 Parmas, not only is there choice but there is real QUALITY. www.commhotel.com.au C'mon guys get up there and have a crack !!!!!!
  • Outback (gravy, cheese, bacon, egg): the outback parma is bbq sauce, ham, onion and cheese... there is no gravy and the egg is for the aussie....
  • Outback (gravy, cheese, bacon, egg): the commericial hotel in alexandra does the best outback ever. yum!
  • Outback (gravy, cheese, bacon, egg): At the Commerial Hotel Alexandra they have the best range to choose from
  • Traditional (with ham): parmy
  • Traditional (with ham): this is my fav???
  • Traditional (with ham): Head to a great old county hotel in Alexandra, about 1.5 hours from Melbourne, they have 24 different Parma's on their menu (freerange chicken only) well worth the trip
  • Traditional (with ham): Hawaiian parma's should die! Pineapple is for fruit salad.
  • Italian: Grew up with bolognese sauce and cheese on my parma. That' the norm to me
  • Italian: With bolognase sauce rather than the regular tomato.
  • Traditional (with ham): YUM!!!
  • Mexican: Love a bit of kick balanced with sour cream.
  • Traditional (with ham): Should be prosciutto (aka parma) ham though. Not thick nasty leg ham.
  • Traditional (with ham): YUM
  • Traditional (with ham): Because its awesome
  • Mexican: mrs parma makes a great one of these!
  • Outback (gravy, cheese, bacon, egg): Commercial Hotel Alexandra only place for the best Parmi
  • Aussie: onion makes it awesome
  • Aussie: at the george hotel hamilton vic
  • Traditional (no ham): 'schnitz' in Richmond is the best
  • Traditional (with ham): cause
  • Traditional (with ham): with mushrooms,anchovies,kalamata olives,hot salami , cheese...... Yummy
  • Traditional (with ham): With Black Olives
  • Traditional (no ham): You can't beat the classic parma
  • Traditional (with ham): Nothing beats a good traditional parma.
  • Outback (gravy, cheese, bacon, egg): gotta luv the gravy.