l'espresso kitchen, Rosebud, Victoria

1467 Point Nepean Road
Victoria, 3939

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  • 17 Jun 2009
    #4642 - BIGD (43 reviews)
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    BIGD reckons:

    first off - $10 parma chips & salad!! yeah sure my dog could probably turd out something better looking than this, and it wasn't the greatest parma I've had but for the price this was a bargain!
    I was given my lovely meal in a take away foil tin, I think she presumed I was taking away? maybe I shoulda specified upon ordering??
    anyway no dramas, peel off the lid and it tore away half the parma topping!!! which may I add when ordering she mysteriously pulled a prepared schnitzel from her arse and was putting (fuck all) topping on top of it and than melting (over cooking) the cheese on top of it!
    plenty of chips, and surprisingly a really good salad, better than some I have paid double the price for! though maybe less onion next time would make it better!
    in all visually yes it looks like arse, but as I said at this price it was very filling! I had been to the gym after work before this so was VERY hungry. props for a filling meal and at a steal of a price! I couldnt have bought the ingredients myself and made this meal! so was more than happy to pay the $10 here.

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