Welcome to the Parma Report

Welcome to the first edition of "The Parma Report", providing you updates in all things relating to the world of parma.

It's been over 18 months since parma.com.au was born. Since then we've eaten our way through over 850 parmigiana's at over 330 venues across Australia. Melbourne, home of over 230 of the rated venues, is undoubtedly the parma capital of the country. But that's a poll for another day.

One of our most active (27 reviews and counting) and valued members, Troutguy, has created a brand new design which has been incorporated into parma 2.0. As we're sure you'll agree, the new design is a significant improvement over the old one. In recognition of Troutguy's contribution, we're promoting him to "Official Reviewer" status. Official reviews are indicated as such by the orange official reviewer badge, so keep an eye out for Troutguy's reviews.

That burning question

In addition to reviews, we're also going to be running polls to vote on important issues surrounding the parma. Starting with the much debated topic of the abbreviated name of the parmigiana; is it parmA, parmI or parmY? The results are now in with 86% in favour of 'parma':


Here's what one critic had to say about it:
"It has to be parm-A. Think of your mates Barry and Darren. Are their nicknames 'Bazzi' and 'Dazzi'? Of course not, they're Bazza and Dazza. And believe me, Bazza doesn't take too kindly to the affeminate name of Bazzi..."

This month's poll focuses on the different parma toppings now seen in venues across the country. The parma has come along way from just your standard cheese and napoli sauce topping. Nowadays getting a slice of ham atop of a parma is the norm. But it hasn't stopped there, with many venues now having "parmas of the world" offering a selection of different toppings to choose from. Check out this month's poll and have your say.

Facebookin' around

Want to share your love of parmas with the world? Parma.com.au has caught up with the kids and is now using facebook-connect. Now you can log in using the blue 'Connect Using Facebook' button at the top right of the page to make submitting your review even easier.

In addition to the new look and feel, parma 2.0 also allows users to upload photos of their parmas with their review. This feature has been requested several times and is very long overdue. So go nuts!

Out and About

Now we've already discussed how the parma, like man, has evolved over time. But a visit to the Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood last Sunday showed that evolution does not always have a favourable outcome: introducing the "Traditional Parma baked in a Terracotta Pot..."

Top 10 Parma's at the end of July 2009

rank venue rating
1 The Harrietville Snowline Hotel, Harrietville VIC 92%
2 Coopers Inn, Melbourne VIC 92%
3 Lipari Pizza, Boronia VIC 90%
4 Hotel Sorrento, Sorrento VIC 89%
5 The Cornish Arms, Brunswick VIC 88%
6 Keepers Arms, North Melbourne VIC 87%
7 Duke of Kent Hotel, Melbourne VIC 86%
8 Brandon Hotel, Carlton North VIC 86%
9 Skinny Dog Hotel, Kew VIC 85%
10 Bay Hotel, Mornington VIC 85%

Happy Dining,

The team @ parma.com.au

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