parmA or parmI?

Sure, some us like to debate politics or which footy team is going to win the grand final, but there's one controversial issue a little closer to home. It's possibly the most controversial issue surrounding the parmigiana.

So what do you think? It is a parma or a parmi?

parma 104
parmi 13
parmy 4
  • parma: Parma all the way mate!
  • parma: It's not now is it...?
  • parma: It has to be parm-A. Think of your mates Barry and Darren. Are their nicknames 'Bazzi' and 'Dazzi'? Of course not, they're Bazza and Dazza. And believe me, Bazza doesn't take too kindly to the affeminate name of Bazzi...
  • parma: It is ALWAYS Parma, NEVER Parmi
  • parma: duh!
  • parma: parma of course
  • parma: parmi sounds very homo! parmA definatly!
  • parma: Because it just is. No questions asks. End of debate.
  • parma: you forgot parmy with a y. and bloody captcha! sheesh
  • parma: The dish originated in an Italian region called Parma. As the full word is also normally pronounced 'parm-a-jaana' in Australian English, it's also more logical to shorten it with the final 'a'.
  • parmi: I would go with Parmy
  • parmi: No argument.
  • parmi: parmy
  • parma: parmi is awful..
  • parma: english my friends...english!!
  • parmi: I don't think it matters too much, we shorten everything with no rhyme or reason. Anothery, footy, pushie, snag, the bottle-o and Macca's. Parma, Parmi or Parmy, we all know what we mean.
  • parma: Considering it's name is from the town of Parma in Italy!!
  • parma: if u say parmi u are such a loser lol
  • parma: Get a parma up ya
  • parmi: i'll say parma if i want to look sophisticated amongst my peers and sh1t but its all about the parmi, baby!!
  • parma: nothing else can match
  • parma: Parmi just looks gay!
  • parma: No question about it....