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  • 04 Jan 2011
    The Gem Bar and Dining Room, Collingwood
    Collingwood, VIC, 3066
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    Excellent Parma, enjoyed on two separate occasions, with several pints of Guinness. Whilst not huge if judged by surface area, this little fatty is plump and moist, with a delicious sauce. I opted for prosciutto once, but jalapeƱos for both sittings. Fantastic. My only qualm was regarding chips. Although of excellent quality, they were woeful in number during the second sitting. Initially, I'd hoped the kin of the small number visible were sheltering for safety under mother parma, but lo! once that good woman was dispatched, there was nothing beneath but plate. I'm only 6 months in Melbourne, but enjoying the city and it's parma culture very much. The Gem's parma has been the best I've had so far. Recommended!

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The Gem Bar and Dining Room Collingwood, VIC, 3066 04 Jan 2011 83%