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  • 03 Nov 2008
    Goodwood Hotel (The Goody), Goodwood
    Goodwood, SA, 5034
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    parkey reckons:

    A good size parma. I splashed out and added pineapple to celebrate summer...... Chicken was of good quality and very tender although it could have been a bit thicker. Size of parma was fairly decent approx 20cm x 16cm. Great sauce and cheese to meat ratio. The amount of cheese was pretty good, not too little not too much. The parma sauce was tangy yet sweet, nice tomato flavor Fries where a joke. Shoestring chips that were half over cooked and half undercooked. They were also served UNDER THE PARMA. Salad was non existent. A small pile of green sludge..... So as far as the salad and fries goes it was a massive fail but I must say that the parma was very flavorsome and quite delicious.

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Goodwood Hotel (The Goody) Goodwood, SA, 5034 03 Nov 2008 50%