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  • 27 May 2009
    Skinny Dog Hotel, Kew
    Kew, VIC, 3101
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    5 / 5 (excellent)
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    4 / 5 (very good)
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    Parmameister reckons:

    Despite trying other parmas in various pubs around Melbourne, this one remains consistently very good. The price has crept up over the years and the quantity of chips (and salad) has gone down (chips cleverly put in a small spiffy bowl instead of forming a thick but delicious soggy bed beneath the monster parma), but the parma itself is still big, thick, juicy and very tasty. In over 10 years of trying the SD parma I have never had one with burnt or dry edges as found in other pubs. I have introduced mates to it with success. The price of about $23 includes the added-cost ham, which is a new extra. The venue is a Xav-friendly, which is a bonus.

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Skinny Dog Hotel Kew, VIC, 3101 27 May 2009 87%