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  • 01 Jun 2009
    Lipari Pizza, Boronia
    Boronia, VIC, 3155
    5 / 5 (excellent)
    5 / 5 (excellent)
    5 / 5 (excellent)
    5 / 5 (excellent)
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    Antony Dilber reckons:

    Well where do i start! Myself and a friend come into Lipari Pizza weekly, to indulge ourselves in one of thier beautiful Parma's. The size keeps getting better and better, but what really tops off these parma's is the topping, succulent bolognese sauce cooked to perfection, and cheese spread over evenly. The chips that come with it are served in a seperate bowl, which is definitely desireable, and they are also excellent. Id like to urge people to pay a visit to Lipari Pizza, you will not be dissapointed. The manager there Sam, great guy, always takes care of us. If only i lived closer so i could get them delivered!

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Lipari Pizza Boronia, VIC, 3155 01 Jun 2009 100%