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Skinny Dog Hotel, Kew
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  • 11 May 2008
    Skinny Dog Hotel, Kew
    Kew, VIC, 3101
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    Kyzar reckons:

    Biggest Parma I have seen for quite a while, and the quality of the chicken was fantastic as well. Topping was nice and without ham, which was good, and the salad also complimented the meal nicely and was well presented. The atmosphere was also really coumfy, and the service was nice and pretty speedy. However, the letdown here was the chips, which were pretty cold when they arrived, hence the -1. Whilst there was a sizeable amount of them, they tasted fairly standard, and nothing mindblowing. Having said that, it's definitely one of the biggest parmas around, so if you are willing to make the trip to Kew and have a big stomach, it's well worth it. The price is a tad steep, but for the size of the parma it's good value. Also, if you have one of those entertainment books, Skinny Dog has a voucher in there.. so take that along and you'll only pay half price (if your partner/mate gets one as well!)

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Skinny Dog Hotel Kew, VIC, 3101 11 May 2008 73%