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  • 01 Oct 2008
    The Highway, Plympton
    Plympton, SA, 5038
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    Mickey reckons:

    It consisted of three chicken fillets crumbed nicely, but they were very thick. The topping was average, very little sauce (but it was a nice fresh tasting sauce) and it was put in between the ham and the schnitzel. The salad came in its own little bowl and was fresh with just the right amount of dressing and seasoning. The chips were nice and crisp and golden, but they were a little stingy on the portion. AND they broke on of the rule 3 of the "crimes against chips" they place the parmy on top of them. But over all it was tasty, fresh and filling

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The Highway Plympton, SA, 5038 01 Oct 2008 48%